Marxist Theory

 The School of Marxism of Tianjin University has a subject of the right to grant master’s degrees of Marxist Theory, including three second subjects: Basic Principles of Marxism, Ideological Education and Localization of Marxism in China.

Head of Disciplines: Prof. Lanying Sun


. Basic Principles of Marxism


The course is a combination of Marxist Philosophy, Political Economy and Scientific Socialism. It aims to show the internal logic-relation, analyze the Theoretical character, the developing trend, and the contemporary value, and eventually seize wholly the scientific system of Marxism.


Research Fields: 1. Marxist Classics.   2. Marxism and Chinese Traditional Culture.   3. Marxism and construction of socialist market economy.


Employment Orientation: Further study for a PhD, research and teaching in research institutions or universities, policy research and management in government or universities.


. Ideological Education


This subject has distinctive Chinese features. It emphasizes how to use system and methods to bring innovation to the content and way of Ideological Education; how to let Ideological Education play the core role in the socialist modernization; how to improve the education for all-round development, especially for the collage students; how to innovate the mode of Ideological Education and strengthen the practical moment of Ideological Education.


Research Fields: 1. Culture quality and psychological education.  2. Ideological Education in university and management.   3. System and practice of Contemporary Chinese Marxism.


Employment Orientation: Further study for a PhD, research, management and teaching in research institutions or universities, research and management for ideological education, enterprise culture, and human resource in government and enterprise.



. Localization of Marxism in China


This subject researches the social and historical condition, historical progress and the theoretical achievement of Localization of Marxism in China. It especially emphasizes the significant practical issue in the present, follows closely social and human modernization, the modernization in different countries, and tries to find the method of how to advance socialist modernization.


2. Research Fields:


Ⅰ.The Communist Party of China and Modernization.   Ⅱ. Culture construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics.  Ⅲ. Scientific and technological innovation and socialist economic construction.



3. Prospective Jobs for Graduates:


Further study for a PhD, research and teaching in research institutions or universities, management or editorial work in government, cultural organization, news agency or the press.