The CPC History

 1. A Brief Introduction:


This specialty gathers macroscopic research, microscopic research, and countermeasure research into an integral whole. It will center on the studies of CPC history as its mainline, with maoism, Deng Xiaoping's Theory, the important thought of “three-represents”, the scientific development view, Chinese politics, important issues and personages in CPC History, experiences and lessons of CPC in leading Chinese revolutionary, construction, reformation, and self-construction as research objects。With a strong theoretical and political nature, this specialty is devoted to cultivating advanced professional talents who are engaged in theory teaching, research, and propaganda in colleges and universities, research institution and party and government organizations,possessing higher theoretical level of Marxism and deep specialized theoretical knowledge, and sticking to correct political orientations.



 This specialty possesses 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 2 postgraduate tutors (Cai Wenjie, Qin Lihai). This specialty researches in 3 directions: ①important personages and their political thoughts in the CPC history; ②ideology and culture of the CPC in history; ③Chinese modern political history.



2. Curriculum:


Specialized and required courses: study reading on the works of Maozedong and Dengxiaoping, monographic study on the CPC history, research on political party politics and political party systems, Introduction to Politics, etc.


Optional course: Chinese government and politics, Marxism and contemporary ethos, foreign research on Maoism, Chinese modern economic history, etc.


3. Prospective Jobs for Graduates:


Relevant research institution, colleges and universities, party and government organizations