Chinese Philosophy

1. A Brief introduction :


The program of Master of Arts of Philosophy was approved in 2003, and commenced recruitment of students in 2004. The program has three research focuses:  1) Ancient Chinese Philosophy. The program trains the students to learn classics, understand the fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy, comprehend the wisdom of ancient philosophers, and appreciate the value of Chinese philosophy.  2) Modern Chinese Philosophy.  This program trains the students to learn the transition and new features of the Chinese philosophy under the influence of the western culture.  3) Chinese Philosophy and Marxism.  This program trains the students to learn the localization of Marxism, and the integration of Marxism and the Chinese Philosophy.


Advisors: Professor Guangfu Li, Associate Professor Yuming Wang.


Director: Professor Guangfu Li


 2. Curriculum:


Apart from the university-wide compulsory courses, students are required to take courses as follows: Ancient Chinese Philosophy Study, Anthology of Philosophical Classics, Modern Chinese Philosophy, and Contemporary Chinese Marxism.  Students can also take electives like Comparison between Chinese and Western Culture, and Neo-Confucianism in the Song and Ming Dynasty and others.


 3. Prospective Jobs for Graduates:


Our graduates can pursue the PhD programs, work as teachers or research fellows at universities or research institutions, or work as manager or editors at government offices, cultural institutions, media, or publishing companies.