Modern History Department


 The Staff room of Chinese modern history is a secondary teaching unit subordinate to the School of Marxism of Tianjin University. The staff room assumes the responsibility of teaching the course of “Chinese modem history outline” for undergraduates, and instruction in CPC history for the postgraduates. The staff room possesses 7 teachers, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and 3 lecturers. 6 of them have Doctors degrees and 1 has a Masters degree.


In aspects of teaching, through absorbing advanced experience from peers, carrying out teaching reform, teachers of the staff room have assumed 3 excellent or top-quality courses, and achieved favorable comments from the students. In addition, TU has made breakthroughs in aspects of researching: application for 7 Social Science Funds projects at the national level, provincial or ministry level have met with approval successively, and dozens of papers have been published in core periodicals. These achievements have raised our teaching level even higher.


Our working emphasis in the future will be the introduction of talents of higher level, further explorations of teaching reform, and centralization of research directions. We also sincerely wish that the research and teaching of the staff room leaps forward in the School of Marxism.