The Section of Marxism



Pursuant to the teaching objectives of new ethics and politics education, the Section of Marxism was formed in 2006 by merging the former Section of Philosophy and the former Second Section of Economics.  The Section of Marxism teaches Basic Theory of Marxism, a compulsory course, to undergraduates, and teaches Chinese Philosophy and Basic Theory of Marxism to postgraduates. 


The Section of Marxism has 11 teachers, among whom 1 teacher is professor, 6 teachers are associates professors, and 4 teachers are instructors.  Most teachers graduate from top-tier Chinese universities like Remin University of China, Nankai Univeristy, and Beijing Normal University. 8 teachers have PhD degree, and 3 teachers have Masters degree.  Our teachers have high degrees and strong research ability and have published more than 30 papers in key journals or newspapers like Nankai University Journal, Tianjin University Journal, and Guangming Daily.They’ve also published 3 books or textbooks, and lead or participated in 5 national or provincial social sciences research projects.


Three courses that the Section of Marxism teaches, Marxism Theory, Marxism Political Economics, and Basic Theory of Marxism, are awarded as Excellent or Premier Courses of Tianjin University. In teaching and research, the teachers of the section achieve great teaching effects by leveraging their  teacher’s academic expertise and integrating the latest research into teaching and adopting multimedia materials, arranging classroom discussions and practice, holding seminars, writing research reports and papers.