School Profile

The Marxism School of Tianjin University, established in January 15, 2009, is a specialized unit in the teaching and research of ideological and political theory. It has  four Departments and a researching center, namely  the Modern Chinese History Teaching and Research Department, Marxism Teaching &Research Department, Department of Ideology Teaching &Fundamentals of Law , Science Technology and Society Research Center. In Marxist theory, the school can grant academic degrees for bachelors and masters. The school accepts matters of Marxism in three directions: the basic principles of Marxism, ideological and political education, and Marxism in China. It also accepts masters of philosophy of science, the CPC's history and Chinese philosophy. Within the existing 46 staff members, the school has 2 doctoral tutors and 24 master supervisors.



 The School of Marxism is developed from the former Marxism-Leninism Teaching and Research Department  having  changed its name several times since the early 1950s. Throughout its development, the Department has always worked towards the establishment of a teaching model suitable for science and engineering students with the intersection of science and liberal arts. The School of Marxism is in charge of the teaching of ideological and political theory to all students at all levels including undergraduates, graduates and adult education. In addition, the school is also responsible for part of the elective courses. It operates under the guidelines of enabling the students to “like the course", "benefit from the course", and "learn from the course", and continues to explore innovative teaching methods to enhance its’ attractiveness and teaching effectiveness. In studying and practicing the scientific concept of development, the school uses the "interactive research" teaching model to connect the scientific concept of development with current social issues of the students’ top concerns, thus enhancing the attractiveness of scientific theory and inspiring students’ enthusiasm and initiative to learn scientific theories. All these efforts have achieved very good results. This teaching model has received media coverage from CCTV News Broadcast, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily and other national media.



 Since the implementation of the "05 Program" for the education of ideological and political theory for Chinese college students, the school makes sure that each course is consistent in its teaching content, teaching methods and courseware style based on the requirements of the syllabus. Before the opening of a course, the teaching staff prepares lectures collectively. Each teacher is required to observe lectures twice each semester and discuss what they observed during a collective observation and evaluation. Such routines not only enable the teachers to learn from each other, but also makes it possible for potential problems to be spotted and therefore solved. In recent years,TU’s ideological and political theory teaching has improved its quality, and political theory lectures by many teachers are regarded now as among the most popular classes to take. Meanwhile, the School of Marxism has made some achievements in scientific research, discipline construction and teacher improvement.