The Department of Contemporary Marxism Studies


 The Department of Contemporary Marxism Studies, founded in 2006 from the former First Department of Economics, is the secondary division of the College of Marxism Studies of Tianjin University. It has been undertaking the undergraduate course “Mao Zedong: Thought and introduction to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics ” and the courses for a masters program in Marxism Theory.



Currently, the center has 8 teachers, including 2 professors and 4 associate professors. Among them, there are 7 teachers who have got the Ph.D. degree and one of them is qualified as the doctoral supervisor, 5 of them as the graduate supervisors. The STS TJU Center has been undertaking postgraduate curriculum of Marxist Theory (public required curriculum) and the curriculum for master program in Philosophy of Science and Technology. 


The School of Marxism constantlyexplores new styles and methods of teaching and establishes a unique form of online classroom and has been conducting online lectures on Deng Xiaoping Theory for many years as complementary teaching activities. With the combined efforts of the whole faculty, the School of Marxismhas developed an education system characterized by a vigorous style, a rich form, an innovative spirit, a practical orientation and informativecontent. The school has received honors awarded by TU for its “Excellent Courses” and “Top courses”.


 In recent years, the School of Marxismhas publishedmore than 100 academic papers in major journals and many articles are quoted and reintroduced by XinhuaDigest and Printed Resources of Renmin University of China. The School of Marxism has composed or translated 5 academicbooksand edited nine textbooks. In addition, the School of Marxismhas undertaken more than 10 philosophical and social science research projects at provincialand ministry levels and has received many awards and prizes for its science and research work.